What We Do

Ethical standards

Encourage accountability, transparency, and ethical standards for elected officials and politicians.

Free community

Create free community meal forums for Americans of all means and beliefs to come together and exchange ideas in goodwill.  

Action and impact

Bridge like-minded non-profit and other organizations for action and impact. 

Exchange of ideas

Provide a platform for exchange of ideas on freedom and prosperity for all.


Move the needle towards prudent and sane economic and social policy. 

Social networking

Promote social networking on community programs. 


Since 2012

We have been developing programs and initiatives that bring closer working relationships with local elected leaders, community member, and stakeholders. 


Mission Statement: Social exchange to invigorate American values

Our Mission

To unite, assist and bring many communities closer.

Our Team

We're led by three people—one black, one brown and one white on the color scale.

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